What is a Zoomitback and why should I use it?

Zoomitback is the most effective, hassle-free lost and found service on the planet! zoomitback has created a service coupled with customized labels that gets your valuable devices returned to you by connecting your devices to all your communication channels. Finder simple text our toll free number with your id number, and we connect you to the finder. So you can zoomitback.

What kind of stuff needs Zoomitback labels?

Anything vulnerable to getting lost! This includes expensive items, devices carrying data that would be difficult to reproduce, and irreplaceable personal items with sentimental value. We've found the most common items are:

  • Personal electronics such as cell phones, cameras, iPods, USB flash drives, iPads, netbooks, video game devices, etc
  • Business essentials like your laptop or company phone.
  • Travel gear such as passports and bags.
  • Tools such as cases, powertools, batteries, etc.
  • Other valuable items such as sunglasses, keys, memory cards, etc.

Why is zoomitback better than just writing my name on my valuable items?

While writing your info on your device seems like an easy solution, it's not as effective as you might hope.


Zoomitback labels are the highest quality asset security tags available on the market. They are made of high-grade polyester with an extreme-bond adhesive that isn't going anywhere. zoomitback won't peel, smudge, smear, fade, rip, or tear in any way. No way a marker can match that kind of durability and protection.


Finally, what happens when your address or phone number changes? That marker is out dated and out of luck. With Zoomitback, all of your information can be easily updated at any time.

Does Zoomitback offer plans for businesses?

Definitely! Employees carry around irreplaceable and confidential data on their mobile devices every day. Zoomitback protection offers businesses the most effective method of asset recovery available, all for a fraction of the replacement value of their mobile assets.

Please contact us today, and we will work with your business to devise a plan that meets your specific needs.

What happens if I lose my device?

Unfortunately, losing valuable items happens to all of us. At least you can rest easy knowing that Zoomitback will notify you the second your ID is entered by a finder. Users take the opportunity to update their personal contact information to ensure quick notification for this specific situation. To change the settings for any of your Zoomitback ID labels, simply log in to your account and click on the Contact Information section and update you contact information. It is important that we have as much contact information as possible to reach you when your item is reported found. Please ensure you have updated your contact information with as much informaton as possible.

Does Zoomitback labels work internationally?

Yes! No matter where in the world your lost device is found, Zoomitback will help connect you to the finder.

How do I apply my labels?

Apply Zoomitback labels to a clean, dry surface. Don't apply the label to sharp or curved surfaces. For maximum adhesion, allow label to "cure"

Can I reuse a label?

No, Zoomitback labels are designed for one application only.

Can I get multiple labels with the same ID number?

Yes, you can apply these labels to multiple items as listed in your account Each sheet has 15 long lasting labels.

What are the size dimensions of a Zoomitback?

Our standard Zoomitback labels are the ideal size for almost all devices. It's small enough to fit on your device, but big enough to not go unnoticed.

Where do I get Zoomitback labels for my valuable devices?

Place your order at our online store and we will mail your Zoomitback labels directly to your door!

How much does Zoomitback protection cost?

Please take the opportunity to check out our online store. The labels are included in the yearly subscription you pay for the service.

How do I deactivate an ID if I sell my device?

Simply login to your account by clicking MY ACCOUNT on the homepage, and go to your profile page. Your activated Zoomitback labels will be listed on the page. Identify which Zoomitback ID number matches the label on your tag, and then click the button to remove it.